Good Food That You Should Avoid

If there is one thing you need to look out for when trying to lose weight and live a healthy and natural life, that is the food you eat. A lot of the items in our diet can, in fact, do more harm than good.

Yes, food can be satisfying, delicious, and on the go, but most, if not all of them, can contribute to more weight and unhealthy lifestyle. Here are is a list of yummy, delicious, good food, that shouldn’t be in your diet.


Yes, one common characteristic of bread is they are packed in calories. But many of them are still good for you (in moderation, of course!). The kind of bread you should say no to is the white bread. It is highly refined and contains a lot of sugars.

Eating white bread can immediately put your blood sugar levels to the roof! Because of this, it can get you to eat more instead of less. It is on the high glycemic index and shouts be avoided.

Chocolates and Candy Bars

Most average sized candy bars contain about 250 to 350 calories. If it’s covered in chocolate, it will contain more. They are extremely bad for you as they contain added oils, refined flour and a lot of sugar – little to no nutrients at all. The unfortunate thing about it is that candy bars are easily accessible and can be found everywhere, so it’s quite easy to get tempted. A good alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth is eating a piece of fruit.

Fruit Juices

As long as they are contained and sold in the box, this is not the fruit juice you should be drinking. The fruit juices you buy in bottles and cartons aren’t exactly similar to the fruit it claims to come from. Fruit juices are highly concentrated with sugar and may contain additives to prolong its shelf life.

Fruit juices like these contain no fiber at all too. That really beats the purpose of including fruits in your diet. If you want to drink some orange juice, eat the fruit instead. You’ll feel even fuller compared to drinking a whole glass of it.

Soda and Other Carbonated Drinks

Beverages such as these mostly contain sugar, water, and carbon dioxide for the bubbles. It is one of the unhealthiest foods in the world. Do you know drinking a glass of soda is equivalent to eating 7 tablespoons of sugar? If you are serious on your weight loss, you need to get rid of this, for good.

Potato Chips and French Fries

Potatoes are filling and can be healthy, but if it is soaked and cooked in oil, it loses all its value. Just imagine, one stick of French fries will give you 75 calories. Eating a small bowl will satisfy your daily calorie requirement for the entire day.


No, just because alcohol makes you feel warm does not mean it burns fat. Alcohol, actually, provides more carbohydrates compared to your regular meal. As many nutritionists say, drinking alcohol, like beer, is like drinking liquid white bread.

There are so many evidence that drinking is related to weight gain and obesity. But recent studies show that in moderation, it may help with weight loss. One thing is for sure, it’s better to be safe and throw away the booze than try to experiment on this one. If you’re serious about losing weight, skip the alcohol.


Average Americans prefer to eat pizza when they’re feeling tired to prepare a proper meal. Do you know that pizza is considered a fast food and maybe the dumping site of all processed food?

Most pizzas use white bread as their crust. Aside from that, the meats, cheeses, and other toppings aren’t so calorie-conscious too? The best way to enjoy pizza is to make one at home, where you can control your ingredients and portions.

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